A men’s beauty contest, Mister Global, was recently held in Thailand. The Event Was Established In 2014 And Since Its First Release, More Than 60 Countries Have Sent Their Representatives To Compete For A Global Award.. This Year, 38 candidates decided to test their strengths during the competition. The final took place on September 26th in Bangkok on the topic of Inspiring Gentleman. However, this event is not just a beauty contest, even if one of the main requirements of the contestants must be “beautiful”, as the spokesman for the competition Kitti Kamjunsa in Bored Panda said. Mister Global’s goal is to promote environmental awareness. We have been promoting this cause since we started in 2014. This year we have introduced a new motto for inspiring gentlemen because we believe that there are competitors and owners should motivate and inspire people. During this year’s competition, we organized a fundraiser to support an organization that was successful and successful with elephants in Thailand, said Kamjunsa. When asked what distinguishes Mister Global from other competitions, the spokesman said: Basically every competition system is the same, but what distinguishes Mister Global from the others is that we are among the top 5 men’s grand slam competitions. We have good candidates and great support from our national directors around the world. We also received a lot of support from our many fans who follow us on our website and our official website. The most important thing is that we remain true to our defense of environmental awareness and the cause of charity.
The competition was won by the 23-year-old student and police model Jong Woo Kim from Korea. Jong Woo Kim will be an inspiring model for young men around the world. He also becomes a global goodwill ambassador and participates in environmental and charity projects.

As every year, great attention is paid to the exhibition of the national costumes of the competition. After all, representatives have the opportunity to demonstrate their country’s heritage. We are really surprised that it has gone viral worldwide and we welcome many positive comments. However, this segment is not new to any competitive system as it has always been part of it. The winning costume has nothing to do with size or design, but with the history and culture that underpins it, said Kamjunsa. Myanmar won the traditional costume competition. It can be said with certainty that most of the candidates were proud of their homeland by matching well-designed and impressive costumes. So why not please your eyes? Scroll down to see the costumes and don’t forget to rate your favorites!