Nintendo is building a full-size video game theme park in Japan, where visitors can compete and visit well-known “Super Mario” locations

Nintendo is building a theme park at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan, which is advertised as a “full-size live video game”.
Super Nintendo World is said to provide visitors with bracelets and a smartphone app that they can use to compete with other visitors and collect gold coins, although it’s not clear how.
After opening Osaka Park, Universal plans to open three more Super Nintendo worlds in California, Florida and Singapore.
Further information can be found on the Business Insider homepage.
At Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan, Nintendo is building a mix of video game and theme park.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Universal Studios Japan and Nintendo made fun of the new Super Nintendo World theme park, which will open before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Thierry Coup, Creative Director of Universal Creative, described this as the attraction as a “full size live video game”.

Park visitors should be given an electronic wristband called “Power-Up Band” that they seem to use to collect coins and compete with other visitors using an application on their cell phones. Augmented reality can be part of the experience.

Bloomberg reporter Kurumi Mori attended the meeting and shared a photo of the bracelets.

Bloomberg reports that the attraction has evolved with the help of legendary Super Mario inventor Shigeru Miyamoto and will feature well-known locations in the Mario universe such as the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach Castle and Bowser’s Fortress.

Nintendo has also released a video clip as a kind of preview of “Super Nintendo World”, but it does not give a very specific idea of ​​what the park will look like in real life.

Universal has already confirmed that there will be a Mario Kart ride in the park, and according to Bloomberg, visitors will also be asked to pick up a Golden Jr. Bowser.

Once the Osaka Super Nintendo world opens, more parks in Los Angeles are planned. Orlando Florida; and Singapore, although there is no opening date associated with these projects.

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