For years, players have been wondering when and where the next episode of Grand Theft Auto will take place. Although there is no official word yet, the latest rumors in GTA 6 history suggest that the game could have more than one configuration. If the rumors are correct, we could visit several cities and different eras.

What the leak tells us about the possible configuration of the history of GTA 6
In a major publication entitled “Last escape from gta 6”, u / xambie12 in Reddit offers a variety of details on the possible history and configuration of Grand Theft Auto 6. The user does not cite the source of these rumors as “he / she is getting serious Have problems, “but that implies that the person is a Rockstar employee.

It looks like the first destination we’re going to explore in GTA 6 will be Liberty City in the 1970s, especially the Spanish Broker / Harlem neighborhood. xambie12 writes: “The game is divided into chapters by year, it is about three acts with an epilogue”, in which you play “a character of 20 years with an absent naval officer, father Gringo and a southern mother”. He is a bilingual criminal who sells pennies, steals jewelry, and goes into drug trafficking to support his large family in the fictional city of Castellano, South America, rock star from Colombia and Bolivia. “

xambie12 then describes a series of events that lead him to Liberty City and Vice City as he climbs into the ranks of the cartel. He would be able to carry out smuggling missions that would take him to Mexico, South America and Central America.

Here are the main locations shared by xambie12:

Liberty City (limited area)
Vice City
Rio de Neve, South America (Rio de Janeiro, capital)
Republic of Castellano, South America (mixture of Bolivia and Colombia, capital)
Then, after the prologue of the 1970s, the story apparently goes into the 1980s and then presents a current epilogue.

Xambie12 not only provides details on the configuration, the protagonist and the history of GTA 6, but also talks a little about GTA Online and its supposedly extended customization functions for character creation.

You can visit the Reddit link to read the full release in detail. But keep in mind that this is all a rumor for now. There Is No Confirmation That Any Of These Leaked Details Are True.. If so, GTA 6 will appear to offer an ambitious and radical narrative. But xambie12 also expressed doubts about its own leaks in a comment on the publication. At least they are honest.