take a look at 9 of the best game development podcasts

Are you looking for new game development podcast to listen to?

Well, what if we told you that we embarked on a quest to find the 9 best game development

podcasts that anyone interested in game development has GOT to check out?

Well… we did.

We are Ask Gamedev, and these are 9 of the best game development podcasts

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There are so many podcasts coming out, covering so many topics, that it’s hard to keep up.

And of course, many podcasts about gaming and game development have come along and gained


Listening to podcasts about game development can equip you with valuable insights into

the minds of some of the most well known and passionate game developers around.

They can provide advice on how to get started in gamedev, how to improve aspects of your

games, and provide a fun way to hear about the gamedev journeys of others.

Whether you’re an aspiring indie developer just figuring out how to work your first engine,

or a seasoned pro working on Triple-A titles, if you’re passionate about game development,

you’ll definitely enjoy checking out some of these great game development podcasts we’ve

handpicked just for you!

Now, let’s dive right in!

GameDev Breakdown Just finishing up it’s second season in May

of 2019, GameDev Breakdown is an excellent source for interviews featuring professionals

working in and around the world of game development.

Hosted by Todd Mitchell, an indie software development veteran of 15 years, GameDev breakdown

lets you listen in on sit-downs with the kinds of people who often don’t get much of a spotlight

in the world of game development.

these guests bring a wealth of insight into what the game development industry is really

like, and put on full display just how much passion and work goes into creating the interactive

works of art so many millions the world over enjoy on a daily basis.

Some examples of guests include: Kamil Krupiński, a producer from the team

at Draw Distance, Jordan Lemos, an award-winning script writer

from Ubisoft who worked on games in the Assassin’s Creed series,

and Ray Marek, a comic book author famous for his insights into universe creation and

world building.

GameDev breakdown is available for free download on CodeWrite Play.com, as well as on most major

podcast outlets.

GameDev Advice: The Game Developer’s Podcast GameDev Advice is a podcast engineered for

aspiring game developers to get a look into what the larger gaming industry is really


It’s host, John Podlasek, is a gaming industry vet of 29 years, who has worked for some of

the biggest names in gaming, including Zynga, Disney Interactive and Midway games.

His development portfolio is nothing to scoff at, having produced many of the entries in

the legendary Mortal Kombat series.

Due to his extensive experience and connections in the gaming world, John has been able to

bring on guests of huge renown throughout the gaming world, who have created some of

the most successful and well-known projects of all time, making listening to this podcast

a must for anyone aspiring to one day work on Triple-A games.

Examples of guests include: James Brady, an artist who worked on such

massive successes as PUBG and Red Dead Redemption 2,

Chris Johnson, a producer from Adult Swim’s gaming department, and one of the minds behind

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, a VR game based on the insanely popular series of the

same name, and Tim Kitzrow, who you might remember as

the announcer from NBA Jam

All in all, GameDev Advice is one podcast that is not just for game developers, but

anyone interested in gaming should definitely check out.

It’s available on most major podcast outlets, as well as on gamedev advice.com, where partial

transcripts of episodes and well detailed summaries about guests and their conversations

are provided alongside each episode.

Designer Notes Started in late 2014, Designer Notes focuses

mainly on the design aspects of game development.

With expert analysis of the design tenants of popular games, the information gained from

listening to this podcast should be highly sought after by devs of all experience levels.

Designer Notes has two hosts.

First up is Soren Johnson, the founder of MohawkGames and designer behind such classics

as Civ 3 and 4, and Dragon Age Legends.

FCo-host is Adam Saltsman, co-founder of Finji, who has worked on games like the post-apocalyptic

survival title Overland.

Designer Notes brings on a diverse cast of gaming industry professionals to talk about

and explore all the different processes used in game development

Guests who have come on Designer Notes include: David Sirlin, one of the designers responsible

for Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Clint Hocking, designer and later creative

director on the original Splinter Cell, its sequel Chaos Theory, and Far Cry 2,

and Manveer Heir, a developer best known for his work on the Mass Effect series, who also

provided some help for No Man’s Sky… although, he understandably doesn’t talk about that

project too often.

Designer Notes is available to stream on most major podcast outlets, and it’s more informative

homepage can be found on idlethumbs.net/designernotes .

Building The Game Building the game has been around since the

early days of podcasting in 2012, currently boasting over 370 episodes and counting.

Following the journeys of Rob Couch and Jason Slingerland as they decide to undertake the

difficult process of becoming first-time game developers.

While a bit of a standout from many of our other entries on this list, Building the game

focuses on absolute newbies and their ongoing gamedev journey rather than long-time pros

t’s those very aspects that make this podcast something special as many of you are on the

same journey as Rob and Jason.

It can be nice to listen to two kindred spirits telling stories of familiar hurdles and difficulties,

learning the same lessons, and feeling the same gamedev triumphs.

We think that listening to Building the Game can help make the gamedev process seems a

little less daunting through its use of transparency,and how down to Earth its hosts are.

Every episode is available for streaming on buildingthegamepodcast.com, as well as on

most major podcast streaming services.

The AIAS GameMaker Notebook The AIAS GameMaker Notebook, created through

the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, is a podcast featuring a series of in-depth,

one-on-one conversations between game makers.

AIAS is run by a revolving door of various hosts, each an extremely experienced and exalted

citizen of the game development community.

Some host examples include: Ted Price, Board Member of the Academy of

Interactive Arts & Sciences and Founder & CEO of Insomniac Games,

Robin Hunicke, Designer and CEO at funomena, and renowned game music designer and composer

Austin Wintory.

Both individually, and through conversations with their guests, the AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook

brings a series of thoughtful and intimate perspectives on the gaming world from VIP

insiders, and lets listeners in on the realities of the business and craft of interactive entertainment.

Some examples of guests they’ve featured are: Brendan Greene, who you probably know as PLAYERUNKNOWN,

of PUBG fame, Christina Norman, of Riot Games, and one if

the designer’s behind the worldwide phenomenon known as League of Legends,

and even Todd Howard, yes THAT Todd Howard, of Bethesda games.

The AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook is by far one of the best podcasts on this list, and one

that all up-and-coming devs ought to really check out!

You can find every episode available to stream on the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science

website, and on many major podcast streaming platforms.

Humans Who Make Games w/ Adam Conover Adam Conover, just like us, got his start

through YouTube!

So, when we found out that the former College Humor star ran a podcast about game design

and development, we just had to go check it out.

As a lifelong gamer, it’s really cool that once he found success through his TruTV show,

Adam decided that he wanted to be able to talk to some of the biggest names behind the

games he loved.

He started this partnership with IGN and Starburns Audio.

The podcast is great for gamers who are thinking about getting into game development but don’t

know much about it, as Adam is coming from the perspective of an ardent fan and consumer

of video games.

Adam asks the kinds of questions we think most fans in his position would ask, creating

a lot of great insight that doesn’t require much background knowledge on game development

at all.

The show features a seasonal schedule, taking a hiatus between each one.

Each season contains 8 episodes, and provides interviews with guests including:

Rand Miller, the co-developer behind games like MYST and Obduction,

Edmund Mcmillen , the creator of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac, and many more.

You can find Humans who Make Games with Adam Conover on Starburns Audio’s website, as well

as on most major podcast providers.

The Sausage Factory With a catalogue of over 200 episodes, The

Sausage Factory podcast is a veteran of the gaming genre, having been among the first

podcasts about game development around.

Hosted by Chris O’Regan, the program derives its name from the commonly held belief that

video games are more fun to play than to make, and that seeing how they get made can ruin

the enjoyment of them.

This is akin to how seeing how sausages are made can turn people off from ever eating

them again.

O’Regan attempts to disprove this negative belief,and show all the beauty and passion

that goes into the creation of video games.

The Sausage Factory has had on a huge array of guests, ranging from big names to lesser

known but vitally important members of the gaming and game development communities.

Guests have included: Bertil Hörberg of Hörberg Productions, creator

of Gunman Clive and Mechstermination Force, Jessica Saunders of Salix Games, the developers

of Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death, Alex Knight of Firebrand Games, and many more.

Since O’Regan often likes to give the spotlight to indie game developers, some of you could

definitely even appear as guests on his podcast one day.

You can stream The Sausage factory on most major podcast platforms.

Script Lock One of the most important aspects of any great

game is its story.

A good story both keeps the player wanting to keep playing, and immerses them in the

experience as they do.

if you’re interested in making a great story, or how great stories in games are made, then

you have to check out Script Lock.

Hosted by writers Max and Nick Folkman – two brothers that have written for games, movies,

and tv shows for most of their lives.he podcast features the two sitting down with both writers

and game developers to discuss storytelling in video games.

With a catalogue of over 50 episodes, there’s tons of interviews and conversations with

great writers and developers that’ll keep you entertained for quite a while.

Guests of the program have included: Drew McGee, a design analyst who’s worked

on titles like Star Wars: The Old Republic, Greg Kasavin, the creative director at Supergiant

Games, Rosa Dachtler, a narrative designer at criterion

games who has worked on games including Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One and Battlefield

5, and tons of other experienced professionals from all over the game development industry.

You can stream Script Lock on most major podcast streaming services.

Coffee With Butterscotch Ok, stick with us here, this isn’t a podcast

about different recipes for sweet coffee varieties.

No, Coffee with Butterscotch is the official podcast of Butterscotch Shenanigans, the award-winning

game studio best known for creating the game Crashlands, and currently has a catalogue

of over 200 podcast episodes and counting.

A very humorous look into the goings-on at an independent studio, Coffee With Butterscotch

has three main hosts.

Seth Coster, the studio’s games programmer, Adam Coster, the web programmer, and Sean

Coster, the artist.

The show often includes various other occasional co-hosts from around the company.

You may have noticed the three hosts share the same last name.

That’s not just an incredible triple-coincidence, as Butterscotch Shenanigans was started by

the three Coster Brothers, showing that a passion for game development must really run

in the family.

The podcast provides listeners with insights from the point of view of the founders of

an indie studio, ranging in topics from how games are made and sold, to what it’s like

to start your own studio, to the day-to-day happenings of the brothers’ lives You can

really hear the passion and connection the Costers share in their episodes, along with

their constant sense of humor.

This kind of transparent and personal style makes you feel like you’re part of the family

at Butterscotch Shenanigans.

While the podcast is certainly a fun ride, the combined experience of the Coster brothers

also provides lots of real, valuable insights.

Some include more nuanced topics that most people wouldn’t think of being related to

game development, like how to deal with ego getting in the way of working on a team, or

how to deal with the sudden fame that comes with having a game become popular.

Overall, it’s an extremely enjoyable experience and definitely a podcast we think anyone interested

in game development should check out.

You can find Coffee with Butterscotch on Soundcloud, and most major podcast streaming platforms.

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If you know of any other great game development podcasts we didn’t mention here, let us know

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