Top 10 Best Video Games of 2019

you know I think it’s safe to say 2019 had no shortage of amazing games what a way to close out the decade names Dave and this is watch Moto’s top 10 best video games of 2019 for this list we’re naming off our favorite games that are considered to be the best of the best of 2019 quick note though before we get started normally for our best of the year list we usually exclude any ports remasters or expansions however because the Resident Evil 2 remake is vastly different to the original till the point where its gameplay and level design is not like the original it will be eligible for this list so let’s get started I want to find out what’s happening here and stop whoever’s behind it 

number 10 untitled goose gang honk-honk this game took the world by storm and it managed to steal our hearts the same way it’s sadistic poultry install everything else by honking and flapping its wings like crazy as a goose it’s your job to make everyone’s lives as miserable as you can while crushing up tasks on your to-do lists because apparently the goose can’t draw before progressing to the next area however

it’s easy to get sidetracked and start conjuring up your own malicious deeds as we’ve discussed on our list of horrible things you can do over on mojo plays while the game only takes a couple of hours to beat its puzzles music and charm Exodus any title worth every penny

number 9

apex legends the biggestv skepticism this game faced was the simple fact that it was well yet another battle royale game in an overcrowded market will did we know that this was going to shake up the formula apex legends normally incorporated hero characters with a diverse set of abilities but it also implemented a

flexible ping system making it easier for Mike less players to relay info to each other it also made navigating around the map more entertaining thanks to the inclusion of sliding ziplining and balloons it may not have been the fortnight killer we are inclined to believe but it certainly gave the giant a run for its money and as a piece many players who are looking for more fast paced action 

number 8

Star Wars Jedi fallen order use those cutters to create a distraction like you take your lightsaber freedom walk you since I we need ya help to stop the Empire understood finally it’s been a long time since we had a good Star Wars game since

when was the last good Star Wars game allowing Respawn Entertainment to have full creative freedom of a fallen order and not canceled it was the best decision EA is made in well quite a while now let’s be honest the gameplay might be a bit derivative but mashing together elements of Tomb Raider uncharted and Dark Souls just works for a Jedi game following Padawan calc Estes and set five years after order 66 fallen or until the story that’s most importantly necessary rather than superfluous filling the gaps between Revenge of the Sith and Disney’s anthology films the combat is compelling

the environments are stunning and the force powers are awesome oh and bTW one is just as cute as hell you hear them say use the help briefly 

number 7

disco Elysium making a game without combat can be incredibly difficult to develop after all without conflict what are the stakes

how do you correct suspense or challenge the players skill develop as ei um found a way and succeeded with disco Elysium an RPG that puts plays in the shoes of an alcoholic detective suffering from amnesia

what makes disco Elysium such a memorable game is how it challenges you through dialogue trees and skill checks if you want to solve the motor case you’ll have to know how to talk to certain characters in certain ways and bolstering skills that can lead to both enhanced abilities and consequences trust us there’s plenty of reasons to check this game out 

number 6

the outer worlds gibbering flesh-eating law-breaking unemployed lunatics with guns some hole had grounded their spacecraft out in the open that’s a real good way to attract

Marauders to call it a spiritual successor to Fallout New Vegas would actually be an injustice the outer world has proven it’s more than just a callback to obsidians history with the Fallout franchise the studio comprising up the staff of the old days of the nineties sometimes I question my decision to be out here with its fleshed out well written characters and colorful vibrant environments the game has managed to impress critics and fans alike providing many starved players with an immersive action RPG we had an experience in a long time it’s unique humor and personality also makes it one of the funniest triple-a titles we’ve seen in recent years satirizing topics that run parallel with current events suicide to crime the legal term is irreparable damage to company property what Eugene did to himself was vandalism

number 5

 Devil May Cry 5 well functioning arm to kick demon ass once we got a good listen to that song Devil Trigger we knew this hack and slash series was back and better than ever

Devil May Cry 5 was a wonderful return to Dante story since we last saw him in 2008 that reboot doesn’t help the story was entertaining from start to finish the combat was just as crazy as it’s ever been it was super stylish sadistic oh it was so awesome and each of the three playable characters often exciting new play styles with their own respective abilities although they could have used some work needless to say those looking to kick demon ass mainly look no further this game will do more than satisfy your blood thirst god this was awesome I’m afraid that’s a little bit more than I can take on right now 

number 4

Fire Emblem three houses yes good if we’re in the forest we can sustain their attacks without losing the advantage the fact that they stun one of our most skeptical reviewers into a fan of the series speaks volumes about Fire Emblem three houses the newest game in this tactical RPG series is practically three games in one boasting three factions that undergo their own storyline each portion of the game forces you to think critically about your situation whether it’s choosing between fishing or engaging in a limited-time battle or trying to figure out how to use the bell field in your favor simply put three houses was an experience that mentally challenged you and helps enough characters and story to steal hours of your time and we mean that in a positive connotation 

number 3

Luigi’s Mansion three if you see my review of the game over our moto plays you’ll know exactly why this game is high up on this list and the rest of the team quickly saw why -Luigi’s Mansion three became the game to play this Halloween and it wasn’t just because the spooky ghosts or haunted hotel with its exceptional animation humor the adorable poulter pup Luigi’s Mansion 3 took the best of what made the first two games so beloved and cranked it up to 11 it excels at presenting creative and challenging puzzles which are more satisfying to solve when hits are turned off by the way on top of the phenomenal campaign the multiplayer modes provide plenty of reasons to keep playing it truly was Luigi’s time to shine

number 2

the Resident Evil 2 remake wow this was a remake that was so good it set a new gold standard on how to do video game remakes based on the 1998 PlayStation Classic this title showed a strong start for a year of gaming characters and environments were brimming with detail even in pitch-black monsters like the lickers and mr. axe were far more terrifying than they ever were 20 years ago god damn that mr. axe and the change in camera placement made the game just as difficult for veterans as it did for newcomers regardless of your nostalgia Resident Evil 2 quickly became a must-own for all players selling more than 4.5 million copies by the end of June 2019 yeah it’s that good

before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications honestly guys this was a very tough year to nail down our 10 best games granted we didn’t have a runway success like breath of the wild or Red Dead Redemption – but that also meant that all these games on this list had a fighting chance for game of the year even the following honorable mentions which we will get to right now
I owe you an apology though was the name you were going to give your own baby if he debated I should have pieced it together sooner don’t know what you’re talking about yeah about that loss honorable mention how do I say this uh no one in the office liked it yeah no one liked it so moving on to our 

number one 

choice and watch mojos 2019 game of the year goes to zero shadows died twice to remodel school yes we’ve gone back and forth all year of weather this game or Resident Evil 2 was the better choice but ultimately secular won out due to the fact that it was an original IP having ended the Dark Souls franchise just a couple of years ago we couldn’t help but be amazed of how from software put a new spin on its own formula focusing more on exploration stealth and vertical level design sakura showed that this wasn’t another Souls war game of course it wouldn’t be a from software game without the grueling difficulty a punishment we’ve come to love and never want to change from software has done it again if you haven’t played SEC euro go check it out I know SEC euro has a high barrier for entry but trust me the payoff is worth in the end the gameplay is just so rewarding anyways that’s it for the best of 2019 be sure to check out

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