One area where the Xbox has objectively evolved from this generation’s PlayStation is compatibility with previous versions. When the opportunity arose to play old classics, the PlayStation 4 simply couldn’t touch Xbox One. The exclusivity of the Microsoft computer may have been low, but the fact that you were able to play a large collection of Xbox and Xbox OG 360 games on Xbox One was pretty impressive.

Fortunately, the new Xbox Series X will continue this retro love party. We already knew the latest generation computer would support its extensive library of old and new Xbox titles, but a new announcement confirms that the Xbox Series X can move its entire game collection to Xbox One from day one.

To clarify, this means that after the release of Xbox Series X at the end of next year, all Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games that are currently available in the current Xbox generation will be playable. It is no wonder to use a technical term.

“We wanted to make sure we could deliver on the promise of compatibility from day one, so I’ve played a lot of [Xbox 360] games on [Xbox Series X] and Xbox One on [Xbox] Series X] just to make sure that we’re on the first day, “Xbox boss Phil Spencer told GameSpot.

“Today we have thousands of games on Xbox One,” said Jason Ronald, Director Program Management at Xbox Partner. “We want to show you these games, but we also want your services to be with you.”

“We want your game legacy to remain with you, whether it is your player rankings, your friends list, all of your achievements, your saved games, all of this must be presented so that there is no obstacle for you as you think about it to come forward. “

Ronald also revealed that bringing three previous generations of Xbox to the new console is a lot of work. As you can imagine. He said each game was “optimized for the device’s unique hardware capabilities.” So expect even the oldest games in the X series to be a little quieter in action.

“This is a new chip architecture,” said Ronald. “At the same time, we design silicon with compatibility in mind and make some decisions to reduce this work, but I don’t really want to neglect the team’s workload because there are.” a lot of work. “

We also know that the Xbox Series X is compatible with all of your current Xbox One controllers and devices, which is great. As if that wasn’t enough for you, the new Xbox Series X controller also works with all Xbox One consoles. However, Microsoft is very pleased to take steps to move on to the next generation. Your movement, PlayStation.